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And so it begins...

Our Story

Every groundbreaking app begins with a small thought (usually in the shower) and blossoms into a mission. At LALUZ, we believe that artists are powerful and passionate people whose HydroFlask* of love runneth over. In the same belt-ready belly breath, artist's minds are special spaces that require specific care and connection. When validation gets tied up in passion, we are often left waiting for others to fill that HydroFlask* back up while still giving our all at every open call.


Enter SL wing 1: LALUZ

We want to be your Guiding Light to finding your inner light from first audition to final bow, and everything in between.

*not sponsored by HydroFlask, but V open to the idea...


We're here for you...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just use a regular meditation app?

You can! We encourage everyone to use whatever tools they need to keep their mind, body, and soul as healthy as possible. LALUZ offers tailor-made meditations for performing artists for the career-specific challenges of our industry.

Why should I upgrade if there are some great meditations on the free version?

We at LALUZ understand that most performers live a gig-to-gig life, and no matter how often you "book" we all go through similar experiences. It is our duty to make sure that regardless of free or purchased, our meditations are always great and poignant. Those that are free are vital to our program, and everyone deserves access to them. Those that are exclusively in the premium package are simply unequivocal tools to continue on your path towards mental wellbeing.

I can't find the right meditation for me, what should I do?

Email us! We have guest artist Guiding Lights record intermittent meditations for us on a regular basis. They all LOVE requests for specific meditation topics. Bring 'em on! We'll even send you a special Namathanks for your input if it gets chosen to record.

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